About us:

We have over 5 years experience of building community sport academies. We originally set up in the Olympic park to continue the Olympic legacy for London's brand new neighborhood E20. With over 1000 members we have been able to create a community football, athletics, boxing and tennis project for the residents of the Olympic park.

Our approach:

Sports academies offers children, young people and adults of all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to enjoy and participate in training mentored by qualified and experienced coaches. The football delivery model focuses on player technical development.

Why us:

1) We use sport to engage with communities to build a cohesive environment, as well as qualifying local residents to help them move into sustainable employment whether it is with our program or another.
2) To give opportunity to communities  that may not have been able to obtain privileges others do.

meet the COACHES

​Josemar Santos:

A current Head Coach and Director at the E20 Football Foundation. Josemar also currently works with Charlton Under 18's Learning Academy. Josemar has been awarded a prestigious coaching award at Westminster for his commitment to community coaching. 

Meet the Coaches:

Jonathan Silman

​Founder of the E20 Football Foundation, ex 400m International Athlete and semi professional footballer. Current Head of School, Lead Safeguarding Officer in the Education field and Head Coach at the E20 Football Foundation.

​Coach Ali:

Ali is a resident of East Village and started out as a member of the E20 football foundation. Head Coach Jonathan Silman was really impressed with Ali’s commitment, desire and influence so decided to put Ali on the F.A coaching qualification. Ali is now the under 10's manager here at the E20 Football Foundation.

​Coach Rob:

Rob started volunteering as a parent when the academy first began. Rob supports coaching for both the mini-kickers and 6-13yrs. Rob also attends the adult sessions every Sunday.

​Coach Christoph:

Coach Christoph traveled to England from Trinidad and joined our coaching team immediately. Coach Christoph quickly up skilled to became a level 2 coach and aspires a future in the football industry. Christoph is currently a Teaching assistant in the education field.

​Coach Arif 

​Arif is a parent and resident of E20. Arif got involved in the E20 Football Foundation after coming along to one of the sports days with his children, Arif has recently completed his FA coaching qualification.

​Coach Abraham:

Abraham started off as one of the player members of the E20 Football Foundation. A resident of E20, Abraham has recently become the under 12's manager. He's looking to open his own Sport Franchise whilst he studies sports business at university.

​​​Coach Fatima

Co-founder of the academy. Fatima currently works as a manager in education and is one the coaches at E20 Football Foundation.

​Coach Tiago:

Tiago also starting off as one of the player members of the E20 Football Foundation, Tiago has also followed the same journey in becoming a coach. Tiago is now looking to combine studying sport with coaching and also still hopes to pursue his goals of becoming a professional football player.